About PiggyStak - NO NOTHING... to DO with PIGs   

Simple, Effective and easy to find at night - reflectors
Simple, Effective and easy to find at night - reflectors

The PIGGYSTAK™ , the most useful & Affordable Field Day Innovation

The Piggystak originated after an agument with a bunch of tangled fence standards in a barrel a fair bit of agro was being directed into the barrel when one spunout and gouged my forehead narrowly missing my right eye.... Never again I declared ! Sitting down, bleeding profusely, I swallowed my wounded pride & started thinking .... the result after a few test designs, plastic tips & reflectors was the Piggystak.

PiggyStak is making history....launched as an Innovations Prototype 2007 at the Mystery Creek National Fieldays.

Easy to Use, Great for the kids to carry everything else that you buy at fieldays..... load em UP!
Easy to Use, Great for the kids to carry everything else that you buy at fieldays..... load em UP!

By April 2008 we sold 500 units just from giving out pamphlets ! With 2008 Feildays approaching my wife and I decided to make up some PiggyStaks to sell to cover the final Patent cost of $3000 on top of the already paid $4500 provisional patent expense. In the process I ordered the wrong size aluminium rod & PiggyStak Generation II was born, a more robust & harder to make unit that easily holds the bigger heavier steel footed standards.

This meant that at National Fieldays Innovation 2008 we launched Generation II Piggystaks $35 with the Generation I Piggystaks $28. We sold out all the premade stock in the first two days.We ordered in materials & manufactured on site with my wife Lynne doing demos and selling whilst I worked to keep up the supply of demand, eventually totalling just over 400 units sold onsite by Saturday Afternoon.

Making Life Easier, that's what it is all about!
Making Life Easier, that's what it is all about!

We also received orders for another 50 by email & post the following week.

It is not often that an Invention arrives at the right time, right place & the right price.

  • That is appreciated instantly by the market place especially the rural one
  • That is recognised as being readily useful & worth-while
  • That is marketed in a way that gets the message across
  • That generates a market life that results in a profit for the inventor.

We will continue to supply to the demand, with our hand-made innovation….

Piggystaks ... NO Nothing to do with Pigs, just pigtails up to 20 at a time, any size, stores almost anywhere, never tangled ever again... the PiggyStak is an electric fence standard holder that fits any standard & it lights up at night  WOW !.

To anyone who didn't see it action were at National Fieldays 2009 - Site C12

We count ourselves as very lucky people and wish to thank all the farmers and lifestylers who gave us such wonderful support and encouragement at the fieldays both 2007 & last year 2008 and this that has resulted in a 100% Kiwi Innovative Farming Product to actually become sustainable outside any big business entity, so that it can be sold at an affordable price to the people that count....

Here are two testimonials received from fieldays...

Cheque on its way this afternoon for 2 of the MK II variety. I'm glad we found your site as someone who came to the Murray Grey site to get a sandwich was showing us the one he got, but I didn't think to ask him where you were, so lucky we just sort of found you.  Its one of those little things that one needs but never gets around to making or looking for. With age comes the need for making life easier and an end to all those frustrations, like having several goes at putting a pig tail into stoney ground whilst carrying a reel and a bundle of standards at the same time!
I look forward to a less frustrating winter !        Kindest Regards, Sue.


I have been farming all my life and NOW after all those years someone has found a solution ...its so bloody simple ...why didnt I think of that ...Well Done !

All the Best, Joe Fredericksen