PiggyStak™Fence Standard Holders

NO NOTHING to do with PIGs.... just Pigtails (Electric Fence Standards)

The PiggyStak™ ... the most Useful & Affordable Field Day Innovation.

What is a PiggyStak? - It is a tool for holding fence standards (UP to 20)

How long will it last? - The Piggystak will last indefinitely as it made of High Quality NZ Aluminium solid rod.

What about different types & sizes of electric fence standards? - The PiggyStak can fit any type of standard and almost any length no other holder has this capability.

The Revolutionary PIGGYSTAK™ SAVES Money & Time - Due to quicker break feeding setup as without having to make two passes or more across the field you save your time plus the bonus of always having the reel stored with the pigtails on a gate, fence or on a vehicle means no running up and down the race cutting fuel expenses, time and hassle ....that is just the beginning !!  The simple fact that because standards aren't left on the ground, (as they're on the Piggystak) the grass cannot grow over & hide them.... Therefore they don't get LOST and they won’t end up in next seasons Hay or Silage bales, so the contractors repair bill will be obsolete & you won’t have to buy any more replacement standards....more money saved !

See your FREE Demo
See your FREE Demo

Plus You will always know exactly how many standards you have and where they are. Never Tangled always ready to use at any time. If conditions are wet or slippery you are safe from falling & impaling yourself or loosing the standards spread out in the mud as the PiggyStak keeps the standards together, always ready to just pick-up & GO.

Made from NZ High Grade Aluminium, they are light and easy to carry, but strong enough to carry up to 20 standards, will hang on the back of bikes & quads, stands up to usual harsh farm abuse and will probably outlast a lot of Farmers in the present tough financial Climate.

Another Great 100% NZ Farm generated Innovation, made by Geoff & Lynne Pearson

The Facts are, Tried, Tested with over 2000 happy customers .....Save and Buy Direct